Sind Sie auch auf der suche nach LKw-fahrern? wir unterstĂĽtzen sie dabei.

We have set ourselves the goal of massively improving the working conditions of HGV drivers with our offer of reservable additional parking spaces, because this is the only way to make the job of HGV driver attractive again for new entrants in Germany. In addition, we increase safety for drivers and loads and help to save the costs of parking searches (incl. penalties for driving time overruns) and the CO2 emissions for this (16kg per search).

In our survey of over 400 drivers, we learned that it is important to the drivers that they are standing in a safe and well-equipped parking space at the end of their working day. Unfortunately, 90% of the haulage companies do not yet take care of creating these conditions for their drivers and leave the nerve-racking search for a parking space and also the payment of the parking spaces to the drivers themselves. The result is often that the drivers park as cheaply as possible, but dangerously, and also have no access to toilets or showers.

If you allow the reservation of a parking space for your drivers, you make a decisive contribution to driver satisfaction and driver retention in your haulage company. New drivers can be found more easily with these improved working conditions.

Das sagen unsere 

  • "Park Your Truck helps us to find parking spaces in a targeted manner. Also and especially in regions where there are hardly any open spaces available."

    Mario Grobe 
    Schockemöhle Spedition
  • "The booking system is super easy and saves our drivers the hassle of finding a parking space."

    Nina Schumacher
    Alfred Schuon Internationale Spedition + Logistik
  • "The parking spaces of Park Your Truck are exactly where we need it for our drivers. Reserving the spaces takes less than 3 minutes. The support is incredibly timely and accommodating. This is how you want good customer service to be."

    Nadine Mertz
    AFT Altmann Fahrzeugtransporte
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